What You Need to Know about Google Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist 2013 has been released! Google Zeitgeist gives people an idea of the most searched topics in Google around the world. This makes sense since Google is the leading search engine. It releases statistics every month depending on the country. Towards the end of the year, Google Zeitgeist releases the annual statistics.


For this year, the most searched topics include Nelson Mandela, ISRO, Boston Marathon, Miles Scott, Breaking Bad and many others. Google Zeitgeist permits the viewers to look into different events and people for a period of time. If you want to refer to the list, you should be familiar with its features. Here’s a look:


  • Video: You can watch the video of Google Zeitgeist. Google compiled the most searched topics. You can see the highlights with one click.
  • Year in Review: The Year in Review is a section that will let you see and scrutinize the most searched pages including their hits and their topics.
  • Your Big Moment: Get ready to utilize Your Big Moment. Your Big moment will permit you to post your own memorable stories with the help of your pictures. You can make a collage of your pictures which will be available worldwide.
  • Top 100 Searches: If you are looking for top 100 searches, there is an additional section that will allow you to scroll through the searches and see the rankings of different topics around the world.
  • Global Trends: If you want to know the global trends, you will find another section especially for this. The global trends are organized according to the date. What made it more interesting is its 3D version of the world.

Google Zeitgeist is an interesting way to look back. If you want to know more, see the page or list for yourself. Have fun!


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