What is Block Paving and Should You Get One?


Block paving has always been a popular way of beautifying and decorating one’s driveway. It is really practical since the blocks or bricks used can be replaced should you want another design or pattern later on. Since it’s very popular, a lot of companies and contractors have been offering block paving to people. But, did you know that there are still many things to consider before hiring paving contractors? Yes, just as looking for any person to do something, choosing pavers needs time and consideration too. Most especially now that there are those who claim to be good, but delivers really poor results.


Should you need a paving contractor but don’t know what to look for and consider in one, this article is for you. In here, you’ll find some of the things you need to find in a paving contractor to know whether they’re reliable or not.

  1. Their track record and years in business

The contractor’s record and experience is an important thing to look at. With the changing needs and preferences of people when it comes to block paving, a good contractor must be able to adapt and therefore, last long in the business. In choosing one, try to see if they have been in business for 10 years or more.

Although it is not the sole basis to know whether they are good or not, it’s still a good one. Why? Because they wouldn’t last that long if they are not good at what they do, right? If they have an impressive record and have been in the business long enough, it only shows that clients really trust them.


  1. Their services

Although their services aren’t really a huge basis of whether they’re reliable or not, it still is good to know that the contractor you’ve been eyeing provides more than block paving. It also pays that the pavers provide pictures of their works in their website. It is a good and easy way for you to see what their works look like and it can help you decide whether to go for them or not.

  1. Their past clients’ feedback

Feedback and reviews that are at the contractor’s website serve as a reflection of their client’s feelings towards their service. Since the clients are not associated personally to the contractors, you can be sure that their feedback are really genuine. You can count on them if they said that the contractors did a good job and are easy to work with. Remember that a good paving contractor is not afraid to put up the reviews they got if they really are good and reliable.

You see, there are still things you have to consider when choosing a paving contractor to work with. Remember to take your time and not to rush into anything. You wouldn’t want your driveway to look bad, right? So don’t forget to look for these three things to be sure that you’ll choose the best block paving contractor to hire.


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