Types of People You Meet in Restaurants

searching_for_authentic_italian_restaurantsAre you a restaurant owner? You deal with many people every day. You have your crew to direct and customers to please. But the pressure is always to please your customers. If you do not handle your customers well, they will not come back and that is a loss. To please your customer, you need to understand them.

To understand them, you should first know the types of people you will meet in restaurants:

  1. The Solo Diner – Sometimes you need quality time alone. There is nothing wrong with that. If you notice a solo diner, leave him/her be and simply satisfy him/her with the foods you offer. tengu_restaurants_youth_group
  2. The Joined Couple – There is nothing wrong with love or couples who cannot take their hands off each other but sometimes it is beyond normal. As if it is not enough, there are couples who are making noises. When you have this couple in your restaurant, you should tell them in a way that they will not be offended.
  3. The Substitute Specialist – You have a menu because you want your customers to be guided. There are customers that think that the menu can be customized based on their needs. When you have a customer that substitutes everything, you should explain clearly why it is not possible.
  4. The Gluten-Free Customer – There are customers who are gluten-free. When you encounter such customers, you should explain thoroughly the available menu. If you do not have gluten-free dishes, tell your customers right away.

Actually there are more if you look closer. The restaurant business is very fierce today. If you do not want to be left behind, you should learn how to deal with your customers. Good luck with your endeavours!



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