Tips on Getting a Girl’s “Yes!”

One of the most exciting experiences in every man’s life is courting a girl. This is the moment when they feel euphoric during the times the girl they want gives them attention. It is also the time they tremble in fear because they think the girl will not appreciate their efforts. Heartbreak can also be felt by some men in this stage if the girl they love does not love them back. On the other end, this can be the happiest, most memorable time of their lives if they win the girl’s hand.


First tip: Make her feel special. Make the girl feel that you are treating her special compared to others. The first thing you can do to show a girl that you are interested in her is to make her feel special. Give her more attention that what you give to other girls.


Second tip: Ask her out. Dinner, lunch or even during coffee break, let her know that you want to spend it with her by asking her to be with you at these times. You can also ask her to go out on a park, have a movie date or play games together, anything that can give opportunity for you to get to know each other.

Third tip: Make her feel protected. Women are vulnerable; they always need someone to lean on and to listen to them. Be that person, and she’ll surely see you in a special way too. Once she shares her deep thoughts and feelings, these mean that she trusts you, and there is a chance that she also likes you too.


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