Things to Consider When You’re Planning to Change Careers

Sadly, regrets happen only when it is too late. All those years spent neglecting what you wanted to do all along are finally catching up with you and hitting you harder than you’ve ever expected. Maybe it wasn’t the direction that was wrong. Maybe you just fell in love with something else. This article is about making the transition from your current career into your ideal one. For whatever reason you’ve started career, you have to realize that if you change careers, it is most likely going to be about yourself which would also mean that not everyone has your back this time.

Before you switch your career, here are some things you should ponder on:

1. Think of five reasons why you should go. One reason isn’t enough for you to shift careers. You need at least five. Go from the most general to the most detailed. Having these reasons is important because you might be midway through your next career and suddenly decide to shift, again.

2. Think of five reasons why you should stay. Let’s be realistic here, not everything is bad. There are certainly at least five reasons why you should stay. It would be totally unfair to think of all the reasons you should go without putting into account the reasons why you should stay.

3. Think of the risk. There can’t be any reward without a certain amount of risk. One major risk when it comes to shifting your career is having to start from scratch. Yup, you heard us. Not every grass on the other side of the fence is greener and you should definitely not forget this.

If you’ve done the previous and still want to shift careers, here’s what you have to do next.

1. Reposition. Repositioning yourself means fitting yourself into the career you desire. Your schedule, spending activity, and many other factors may have to be adjusted to make room for the new career.

2. Become competitive. Now that you’re in a new field, you have to improve yourself. Unlike others who started early, you might be a couple of years behind. This does not mean that you can’t beat them though, this just means you’ll have to work twice as hard as others.

3. Take the plunge. Scary but exciting. You have to take that plunge! Nothing happens until you’ve taken the first step and nobody can do this for you. It takes a lot of guts to shift your career and you aren’t about to give up just before you’ve started.

People shift careers for a lot of reasons, sometimes personal, sometimes financial, sometimes there are even more complicated reasons. Whatever they are, we have to find a place where we belong.

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