The Most Famous Days of the Year

We look forward to holidays because we can rest, be with the family and do whatever we want to do without thinking of work or school. Actually we are thrilled if our holidays are long. Every country has their own holiday calendars however there are common holidays celebrated no matter the race and culture. Here’s a list of famous holidays in the world:

New Year – New Year’s Day is the first day of the year (January 1). In the middle ages, almost all European countries use Julian calendar that observed New Year’s Day every March 25 but with the introduction of Gregorian calendar in 1582, Catholic countries changed their New Year’s Day to January 1. From then on, other non-Catholic countries followed. It is a celebration to welcome the year and it is famous because of personal resolutions.

Independence – We celebrate independence because finally we are free from any control or influence. Every country has its own independence day. It is widely celebrated and commemorated every year. The President usually spearheads this celebration.

Valentine’s – Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration honouring lovers, romance and courtship in general. It is always February 14. The tradition of sending cards, writing sentiments and giving flowers are observed. Valentine’s Day is the feast day of Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr.

Christmas – This is an annual celebration of Christians commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated every December 25. Christmas is characterized by gatherings, feasting and gift giving of friends and family.

Halloween – Halloween is based on the folk beliefs of supernatural forces and spirits of the dead. Halloween decorations and costumes like vampire, wolf, witches, ghosts and many others are famous. It is observed every evening of October 31.

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