Skills Needed to Become a Good House Painter

Painting a house is not just all about the skill to wield a brush and a can of paint because becoming a good house painter also requires for you to have good coordination skills since the process of painting would involve a number of tasks. So if you want to become a really good and successful house painter then you should have the following skills:


Painting Skills

Since you’re planning on entering the field of house painting business, you should be familiar with the processes that you need to undergo in painting a house. You’re knowledge about the painting process should range from knowing how to strip paint by applying some stripper, to knowing how to properly clean the walls before starting to repaint it. It is also given that as a person who’s into this kind of business, you should also know how to select the tools and paint that you should use. Aside from that, someone from colour view painting services Singapore should also be knowledgeable about the techniques that you can use in painting the house, like techniques that you can apply using brushes and rollers or a paint sprayer for bigger houses.

Math Skills

It may appear weird but being skilled in math is actually needed for almost every task in a house painting business. In this business, you will need to take the measurement of the walls of the house so that you’ll know the square footage that you will need to paint. Aside from that, you should also be able to make certain compensations for the space occupied by the windows and doors.


Coming up with an accurate calculation with all of this can help you in having a somewhat precise estimate regarding the amount of paint that you will need to use, the number of workers that you should hire to get the job done and the best possible timeline to get the job done. Other than that, you should also be able to create an estimate of the budget that you will need for the job. You should also include the materials needed and the labor for the job so that you will also get some decent profit when deciding to quote your price.

Communication Skills

Being in the business of painting houses would mean that you need to talk with different groups of people and this would require for you to have good communication skills. You will be talking to different people such as the homeowner who will hire you for your painting services, the workers that you will get for the job and also the suppliers who will provide the materials for your home painting business.

This kind of business would require a two-way communication since you’ll need to listen to the homeowners when they explain their preferences in house painting and as the painter, you should also give the homeowner with some insights regarding their preference. Aside from that, you should also build a good relationship with your workers and suppliers so that you can get the job done properly and to make sure that your suppliers will provide with the high quality materials that you need.


Becoming a house painter isn’t actually that easy. You should have the skills mentioned above to ensure the success of your house painting business and to make it last in the field.

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