Resuming Career after Maternity Leave  


A woman could not ask for more having a child at the same time being prosperous at work. It is not easy balancing the two things but when we love both things, nothing is impossible. We have to of course settle that the child comes first than work.


Studies show that women with higher education and experience lose greatly in terms of money when they decide to pause their career to focus on their babies. There are mothers who do not want to lose the opportunity. If we choose this path, we have to spend time with our kids when we are not in the office. We have to be ready for the missed bonding time though.

Going back to work after our maternity leave will be challenging. The law entitles us sixteen weeks of leave (four weeks after birth and twelve weeks after delivery). The first four weeks with our baby is crucial but we can arrange with our employer for the remainder of our leave.


Now that we settled our leave credits, it is time that we look for childcare. Working means we have to spend money putting our babies to childcare. If we are not comfortable with this arrangement, we can look for nannies. We need to pay nannies from $600 to $800 per month. Putting the baby to day care is expensive. It will cost us from $700 to $2000.

After settling with the childcare, the next thing that we have to consider is the breastfeeding. We have to expect that our milk ducts will overflow. We can employ the help of pumping machines and just refrigerate it for later use.


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