QoS and TA Good for Commuters, Bad for Operators

Some cabbies in Singapore hit a detour when they heard about the LTA’s (Land Transportation Authority) shutting down of Smart Cab and to think LTA announced Smart Cab as one of the best seven operators here last June. After a month, the LTA retracted the decision claiming that Smart Cab “is not good enough” and to add on that, LTA also mentioned “failed certain service standards”.


The MP for Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Consistency, Mr Ang Hin Kee said that the Quality of Service standards are “unfair to small taxi operators”. Just to give you an idea, Quality of Service (QoS) seeks to monitor the services of taxi operators and drivers plus their safety performances. This is a way to ensure that all commuters are satisfied with the services they received. The measures for performances include (1) safety (2) taxi drivers’ conduct and (3) radiophone booking.

LTA also ensures that adequate number of taxis are on the road especially during peak hours. So, they established TA (Taxi Availability). The TA performances of operators and their drivers are measured monthly which started last January 1, 2013. The results are derived from (1) mystery customer edits (2) public opinion surveys and (3) waiting time.

Aside from ensuring QoS and TA, LTA is also in charge for issuing operator licences, taxi driver licenses , monitoring and designating of taxi locations. The LTA simply wants the commuters to have the service that they deserve. There is no question about that but the operators take it as a blow because the standards that are set are high.

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