It’s a Tie: 5 Tips to Buying and Wearing a Tie

A neck tie is just a small part of an ensemble – but small things are usually the point. Whether you’re laying out a look for a formal affair or suiting up for your office, it allows you to pull your disparate clothing pieces together with its complementary colours and touch of texture. If you master how to do it correctly, you’ll have dressing right all tied up.

1. Choose One That Complements Your Clothes
The tie is one of the few things that people instantly notice in an ensemble. Their eyes just can’t help but go there. So while you’d want to have a tie that looks good on its own, do keep in mind that it shouldn’t function as a novelty piece. It should complement the rest of your outfit, not clash or stand apart from it.

2. Get the Right Length
Whether you’re 5’ 6” or 6’ 4”, the tip of your tie should hit just right at your beltline – not two inches above it, not three inches below it. That is, unless you’re thinking of sporting the whole short-suit thing, then let your tie hang right above your navel.

3. Opt for the Right Width
Just like with getting the right length, purchasing a tie with the right width is also crucial. Opt for narrow – but not super skinny – tie, about two and a quarter to two and three-quarter inches as its widest point. This width size works best with both office and formal suits. Go any wider than that, and you’ll end up looking like a congressman.

4. Do the Right Knot
If there’s only one knot you need to know, it’s the four-in-hand knot. It’s neither too small nor too big nor too perfectly triangular. It looks natural and elegant, and works well with every type of collar. So learn it, use it and never forget it.

5. Keep the Colour Solid
While paisleys and loud wallpapers seem like a fun tie design, they’re not an ideal piece to sport with your formal wear. As much as possible, opt for a tie that anchors your outfit – specifically those with solid or subtle patterns. These ties will help ground a gingham or plaid shirt, and they’ll stand strong against a pale pink or crisp white. Simply put, they are your fail-safe option.

Although it’s small in size, a neck tie plays a crucial part for pulling your ensemble together. So be sure to keep these tie purchasing and styling tips in mind, and you’ll certainly find a tie that won’t only knit your clothing piece together, but also show a hint of your personality.

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