How to Properly Store Ionized Alkaline Water?

Many people in Singapore have seen the great health benefits of ionized alkaline water, and some of them are already equipped with ionizers to keep their drinking water clean and healthy. However, some are not familiar of the proper storage to prolong the good effects of filtered water.


How do you really do it? Well, the most recommended way is to keep it in the water filter and drink it directly from there. Ionized water contains high electron charge, which gives it an anti-oxidant feature. Time and exposure to heat and light can all cause the water to change its properties and lose its effectiveness. While you will still have mineralized and filtered water, it’s difficult to retain the low negative ORP content of the water, which is the primary reason for having your water ionized. Once the water is transferred into a container, it starts the process of losing its benefits as it adjusts and normalizes with its environment. How long that process takes place depends on the type of container the water is in.

1. Choose the Right Container

• Stainless Steel
Regular stainless steel tumblers and bottles is a good way to keep your water clean as there’s no chemicals from the container that will seep into the water. However, metal is an energy conductor, which therefore can cause the water to quickly lose its minerals. Knowing that in Singapore drinking alkaline water is good for you but if it is not stored properly its benefits might diminish. If you intend to use a stainless steel bottle, get one that’s double-walled vacuum sealed as this type of container has the right properties that can slowdown the negative ORP equalization of ionized water. This type of water bottle will not only prolong the minerals and antioxidant properties of the water, can keep the water cool as well during hot weather.

• Glass
Glass is also among the best ways to store water fresh from the water filter. However, be sure to use one that’s UV protected, which is usually tinted and dark coloured. Fill the glass up to the brim to limit the ionized water’s exposure to air. Keep the container in a cool, dim location and avoid any exposure to heat and sunlight and consume the stored water no more than 72 hours for best benefits and quality.

• Plastic
Plastic bottles should be the last option for storing ionized alkaline water. And the only plastic containers you should ever use are those made from BPA-free plastic. Even when using these containers, it doesn’t guarantee that the bottle won’t leach other chemicals into your water. Therefore, it’s still advisable to avoid plastic containers for storing water fresh from the water filter, if possible.


2. Keep Water Refrigerated at All times

Refrigerating or freezing alkaline water helps maintain its potency. The water should be stored in a tightly sealed container and chilled right away after it has been ionized. If you want your alkaline water frozen and use it as ice for you drinks, get yourself stainless steel ice trays. It’s not advisable to use a refrigerator’s ice maker as it’s likely to be full of toxic chemicals, including fluoride—and it’s just plain plastic.

3. Straight From the Ionizer Is Your Best Choice

There’s no better and healthier way of taking your alkaline water than straight from the ionizer. Getting it fresh from your home water filter gives you the best benefits with the highest level of negative ORP and water pH. Drinking mineralized water straight from the ionizer is always best because all of the beneficial properties are still intact.

Knowing how to properly store your ionized alkaline water will reward you with all the benefits of mineralized water has to offer. Here in Singapore, ionizing drinking water has become a popular beneficial health trend, so make sure you don’t get left behind and start this very simple step of taking care of your wellness.


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