Hosting a Bbq-Catered Party

In Singapore, bbq catering for a huge party is one of the popular ways to feed everyone, but undeniably, it requires a lot of work. So before you start planning, take note some of these important points to help you prepare for your very own satay party.


The Meat
Before everything else, for a bbq catering to be successful, you have to plan what meat should be served. When choosing the kind of meat, keep in mind these several factors — what meat will your guests eat and how will they eat it? Are you going to provide complete eating utensils, or you want to keep everything simple to handle? If you’re on a tight budget, there are so many markets in Singapore who offer bbq wholesale from cmy food. Try mixing and matching different bbq meats for variety of dishes, and negotiate with the vendors if they can give you cmy bbq wholesale prices. Calculate and compare different bbq wholesale prices from different vendors and see which one offers the best rate.

Another thing you have to include in the planning is the amount of cooking time. You surely don’t want to keep hungry tummies waiting. So if you think you will be having more guests than expected, serving timewise bbq food from cmy bbq food like sausages, hotdogs, and burgers can be your best solution. You can also serve kebabs bought from CMY food bbq singapore with selections of vegetables sliced in chunks and cubes of pork, chicken, or beef. These bbq food choices are easier to cook than large slabs of steak, chicken drumsticks or thighs which are very tricky to cook on a griller.


Side Dishes
Now that the meat is all settled, your next concern would be the side dishes. What side dishes go well with your bbq food choices? Potato salad and coleslaw can be your best choice. Both of these dishes are very easy to prepare. Simply combine chopped white cabbage, carrots and onions in a large bowl with mayonnaise, and that’s it, perfectly done coleslaw. For the potato salad, boil and drain baby potatoes. Mix it with sauce made-up of mustard, vinegar, mayonnaise and herbs.

If you want to keep everything simple, you can stick to buns, patties, sausages and bread rolls. Provide few extras like onions, slices of cheese, mustard and ketchup to give life to plain burgers. By this, you can also save from providing eating cutlery requirements. Just supply good quality napkins for your guests to use with their finger foods.


Grilling Equipment
Finally, for your bbq catering to be possible, you have to secure bbq grillers and some grilling utensils like thongs, brushes, serving plates, etc. Secure at least two large grillers. Cook together quick meats like burgers, sausages and hotdogs on one griller, and longer cooking meats like steaks on the other. If there are vegetarians, you may have to secure an extra griller so their food won’t be tainted with meats. Offer more choices to these guests by grilling slices of vegetables and fruits, like tomatoes, apples and peaches to go with their munchies.

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