Engaging Your Shy Child

It is natural for children to be shy, but when it keeps isolated from everyone, it is no longer healthy. You have to engage your children, especially if you notice that they are the shy type. Being shy can be outgrown, but it is important that you build their self-esteem at an early age. Here are ways that you can do to keep the shy away:


Talking About the Behaviour

It will be helpful for your kids to know that you had your own fight with shyness. If you talk about your shyness, your kids will feel that it is normal. If you shared that you overcome it, they will surely feel positive about it. Your talk will show your child that being shy is sometimes normal and everyone has their own episodes.

Understanding the Reason

There are reasons for everything. If your child is the total opposite outside the house, you should ask your child the real reason or why he or she acts that way. He or she might find it hard to explain it to you but you should make sure that at the end of the day you have an idea of what the root problem is. You have to understand your kid.


Help Your Child Make Friends

Sometimes, parents need to initiate. If your kid is having problems with making friends because of their shyness, you should initiate or intervene. For example, in the classroom, you can approach a kid and then introduce your son or daughter. If they are comfortable together, you will feel better. Just see where it goes.

Avoiding Misunderstanding

Being shy is normal but you do not need to stress it to your child’s face. The more you call him or her that, the more they will think that there is something wrong with them. You should not call your child shy. If the shyness continues to persist over a long period of time, it is important that you contact experts to deal with it.

Without parents, a shy child will usually sit alone and keep his or her head down. They will not talk to anyone and if they do talk, it would be difficult to understand them. This is a sad sight, so if you think that your children are shy outside, you should do your best to help them build and boost their self esteem.

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