Encouraging Your Kids to Read

If you notice that your kids are not interested in reading, as a parent, you should do your best to encourage them to read. It is important that you encourage your kids to read so it can become a habit which is useful when they go to college and eventually grow old. Here are some tips that you can do to encourage reading to your kids:


1. Read together

If you read a book together, it will be a powerful tool for encouraging your kids. Aside from encouraging reading, reading together can strengthen your bond to your children.

2. Keep reading fun

You should help your children see that reading is fun and not boring at all times. For example, if you read with them, you can make noises to excite them. You can also ask questions to give them something to think about.

3. Record the achievement

Children feel happy and motivated when they see their achievement. If you want to encourage them to read, you can post a board listing all the books your child read. By seeing the board, your child will be more motivated because he/she wants to make that list long.


4. Let the child choose the book

When it is a book required by the school, your kids have no choice but to read it diligently. But for leisure reading, you should allow your child to choose the book that particularly interests him/her. Do not boss around and tell them what to read.

5. Talk about the book

Reading and learning will not stop the moment you put down the book. It will be helpful if you talk about the book. You can point out the lessons that they should learn after reading. Your child will know that every book is not a waste because lessons are always there.

Encouraging reading to your children may be difficult but if you are serious about it, it will not matter. You should inculcate to your kids that learning through reading is important so they can cope up to their lessons at school and life in general. Do not get discouraged when you notice your kids are not interested in reading.

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