Countries Where People are Flourishing

Gallup and Healthways released the 2013 survey on “State of Global Well-Being Index”. As Singaporean, it is important that we know this because it says about the progress and the prosperity of the country. The result was derived from 135 countries all over the world based on five elements – sense of purpose, financial stability, physical well-being, social relationships and community safety.


Researchers from Gallup and Healthways ranked the countries with the highest well-being. These countries flourished in three or more categories. Here are some of the countries that are doing better:

  • Panama: Panama is flourishing in more than three elements to include purpose well-being (66%), social well-being (68%), community well-being (58%) and physical well-being (63%).
  • Costa Rica: Next to Panama is Costa Rica. The country also flourished in more than three elements to include purpose well-being (50%), social well-being (58%) and physical well-being (45%).


  • Denmark: Costa Rica is followed by Denmark. Denmark flourished in financial well-being (59%), purpose well-being (49%) and community well-being (51%).
  • Austria: Austria also flourished in financial well-being (56%), social well-being (52% and purpose wellbeing (45%).
  • Brazil: Brazil came close to Austria. It flourished in different elements like social well-being (51%), financial well-being (51%) and Purpose well-being (45%).

Now you know which countries flourished in three or more categories. It is time that you know the lowest well-being countries. Lowest well-being countries include Syria, Afghanistan, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Madagascar, Uganda, Benin, Croatia and Georgia.

If you are curious about the standing of Singapore, you can easily browse the results at the website of the Gallup and Healthways.


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