All Work, No Play: 5 Dangers of Being a Workaholic  

Striving to get a successful career is good, but working too much has its fair share of disadvantages too. Focusing all your attention to your work will make you neglect your health, lifestyle and your relationship with your family and friends. To get a clearer picture as to why being a workaholic is a problem, here are five risks of developing an all work and no play lifestyle.


  1. Developing a Sedentary Lifestyle. There’s no greater health risk in the modern times than simply sitting all day long. Some studies showed that not being able to move our bodies every day is as bad as smoking. Blood clots, stiffness, and neck and back pain are all known dangers that are directly linked with being a workaholic.


  1. Suffering Frequent Eye Strain. Gazing at the computer screen for long hours is dangerous for your eye health as well, since it makes you blink lesser than normal, causing your eyes to dry out and leading to eye strain and headaches.


  1. Feeling a Work Burnout. The saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is more than applicable for most workaholics. Working for not less than 80 hours a week will only cause you to experience some work burnout later on.


  1. Becoming Disconnected. Although most relationships fail due to unfaithful partners, there are also those that fail because of workaholic partners. Spending so much time working in the office and neglecting everything else in your life, including your kids, parents and your partner is what causes relationship strains and failures.


  1. Experiencing Self-Loath. This is related with being disconnected to your loved ones, but is set on a more personal level. It’s quite common for most workaholics to start a pattern of self-loathing once they noticed how disconnected they’ve become with their loved ones. Experts said that experiencing self-loath does a great of damage on a person’s self-worth and can get them stuck in a cycle of hopelessness.

Working and building up your career is actually good, but it’s also important to be mindful of the things that matter most to you other than your work, and that is your health and your relationship with your loved ones and the people around you.


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