All About Epi-LASIK

What is Epi-Lasik?

Epi-LASIK means “Epithelial Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis,” the newest eye surgery procedure. This procedure allows eye surgeons correct common visual ailments like astigmatism, farsightedness and near-sightedness.

Epi-LASIK is a combination of the best lasik centre singapore procedures of LASEK eye surgery, PRK and LASIK eye surgery. Epi-LASIK is becoming more prevalent for a number of reasons. The vision restoration happens faster and the recovery period is shorter compared with other eye surgery methods. These reasons, together with very low risk factors, contribute to the popularity that Epi-LASIK is known for.


How Epi-LASIK works?

This eye surgery procedure at a lasik centre takes 10 to 15 minutes to be done. The patient is prepared by holding the eye open with the use of a special device and numbing the eye with anaesthetic drops. The ophthalmologist from lasik centre singapore will use an oscillating blade to gently separate the epithelial flap from the cornea. Once it has been separated, an excimer laser will be used to reshape the cornea and correct the patient’s vision. After correction, the epithelial flap will be returned to its original place with a spatula-like instrument, and a high-DK contact lens is placed over the eye to protect its surface and allows the eyes to heal and the epithelial cells to grow back.

For the next days, the patient may experience watery eyes and minimal discomfort. After three days, the doctor may allow you to remove the lens. But it doesn’t guarantee you for a 20/20 vision; it may weeks to achieve good eyesight.


After Epi-LASIK Surgery, what to expect?

The recovery time after the Epi-LASIK procedure usually take 2-3 days. After the surgery, the surgeon will provide a high-DK contact lens that acts as a Band-Aid. You can hardly see and expect a non-normal vision at this point, so you have to ask someone to drive you home from the clinic after the procedure.

After three days, you can already remove the special contact lens. You’ll now have nearly perfect vision, or it may take weeks to stabilize. And remember not to drive after removing the lens; it will be about more than a week before you can start driving again.

During your recovery, you may feel discomfort and pain, which is very manageable with over-the-counter medications.


Faster Recovery with Epi-LASIK?

Recovering from Epi-LASIK is definitely faster than other forms of laser eye surgery methods. Epi-LASIK from a lasik centre singapore is preferred by most patients over PRK primarily because it speeds up epithelial healing and visual recovery process. Vision recovers quicker with Epi-LASIK because epithelium heals more rapidly. Because of the faster healing process, it also improved the safety of the procedure by lessening the risk of infection that may permanently affect the patient’s visual condition.

What are the possible complications of Epi-LASIK?

The risk of major vision complications from Epi-LASIK surgery is quite low, but can never be said to zero. In the first few days after the eye surgery, you might experience abnormalities in your vision. If this occurs, it could possibly be that there is leftover astigmatism that has to be corrected, either with enhancement procedure or with special lenses, so see your surgeon right away. You may also experience temporary night driving difficulties which will improve eventually as your eye heals.

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