Activities That Case Eye Strain


Not all Singaporean know about eye strain. It is staring right through our eyes but some are not familiar about it. It is time that you get to know eye strain and who are at risk of it. Eye strain is putting too much pressure in the eye muscles. It can manifest through different symptoms like headache, neck pain, blurry vision and many more.

Are you at risk? You have to know that there are certain tasks that cause eye strain. These tasks can be avoided but sometimes it is included in our work. However, this doesn’t mean you have to endure eye strain for the sake of work. Here’s the list of people who are at risk of eye strain:

Computer use: Staring at a light emitting source like your computer monitor gives you higher chances of developing eye strain. In fact, computer screens have more impact that television screens this is because of the additional concentration put. To reduce eye strain, try to focus on other things every now and then. If not, use screens to filter the light.

Reading: Reading is a fun thing to do but sometimes it can put strain to the eyes. Readers like students, editors, librarians and journalists suffer from eye strain. Looking at printed words most of the time is surely straining.

Reading a paper is better than reading on the screen. Always choose the paper when reading. This can help reduce your risk of eye strain.


Those that knit or sew are also at risk because of the intensity it gives to the eye in terms of focusing at particular spots. Needle work indeed puts strain on your eyes. The best thing that you can do is to give your eyes a rest.

Driving: Drivers are at risk of developing eye strain because of the glare. When the light strikes a dirty glass, it will scatter thereby flooding the eyes with glare. This can be a potential cause of accident. As much as possible, do not drive at night and if it inevitable, always drive with caution and clean your windshields, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

Other risks include aging, vision problems, dehydration and contact lenses. Knowing these, are you really at risk of developing eye strain? If you are, you need to know how to prevent or treat it so it will not be serious or chronic. Eyes are important and if you need to give it a break and see a doctor, do it.

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