A Guide to Making Your Clothing Pieces Last Longer

As you start investing on higher quality clothing pieces, it’s important to remember that proper care makes a big difference in maintaining the colour, shape, and texture of your clothes. To help you make your clothes last longer, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can properly care for your staple pieces.


  1. Perform a Dye Bath

If you wear lots of black clothes, you may notice the colour fading that happens with the fabric. As your black pieces start to look a little less than bold, performing a simple dye bath is the easiest and quickest way to refresh your clothes.

All you’ve got to do is pre-dissolve a dye in two cups of water, along with a spoonful of detergent, then add it to your bucket. After that, smooth out your clothes by soaking them in hot water prior to adding them to the dye bath. Once the clothes are added to the dye bath, stir aggressively, then it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with hot and cold water. Just remember to do this procedure on cotton fabrics, as most synthetic fabrics do not dye well.

  1. Invest in Good Clothing Hangers

Thin, soft hangers make all the difference in making clothes last longer. So make sure to invest in a Huggable Hangers set to not just save space in your closet, but to also help in making your staple pieces last longer.

  1. Avoid Too Much Dry Cleaning

Apart from being expensive, the harsh chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can also damage your clothes overtime. Instead of dry cleaning your clothing pieces after just one use, dry clean them after three to four wears to keep your clothes clean and in good shape.

Also, instead of dry cleaning your clothes to de-wrinkle them, purchase a handheld steamer or hang your clothing piece in the bathroom as you take a shower for a more natural steam.


  1. Zip All Clothing Zippers

Tiny tears and snags often start in the laundry machine. The culprit? Unzipped clothing zippers. So make sure to zip everything up before adding them to the machine the next time you do the laundry, to ensure that they won’t snag other clothing pieces that are also in the load.

  1. Separate Items Before Washing

Be extra careful when washing your clothes by washing them in cold water with lesser detergent, separating linens from intimates, and turning graphic shirts and denim fabrics inside out to avoid fading. Although it takes time, doing this will make a big difference in the lifecycle of your clothes.

  1. Freeze Your Tights to Prevent Running

The best way to keep your tights from running is to freeze them. Simply run your pair of tights under water (squeezing out the excess), then place them in a plastic bag, and let them freeze overnight. Allow them to naturally come to room temperature, and voila! They’d be more resistant to tears and snags.

Properly caring for your clothes is the key to prolonging their lifecycle. So make sure that you keep the aforementioned tips in mind to keep your staple pieces clean and in their top shape.


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