A Guide in Surviving College

At last, you are in college. Your parents are patiently waiting for this important stage in your life. You should be excited too. Going to college is different from your primary and secondary schools. If you are new, adjusting will not be easy but you can do it by considering the survival guides provided below.


  • Attend classes – regularly: The basic thing that you can do is attend your classes regularly. If possible, do not miss a class until you graduate. Do not forget to come on time.
  • Eat healthy: When you go to school, you also need to feed your body. You have to eat. Do not just eat anything. Eat healthy foods so your mind can keep up to.
  • Establish study routine: You established your study routine when you were in secondary school but it should be changed and fortified. You have to plan your time and the place to study.


  • Avoid procrastination: Procrastination is the state where you delay doing something later because you are lazy. As much as possible, do not delay things when you can do it today.
  • Read in advance: If you have spare time, you can make it worthwhile by reading in advance. It will not be a waste of time.
  • Sleep: Aside from studying hard, you also need to sleep right. You do not want to go to school groggy and miss the important lessons, right? Sleep for six to eight hours a day. It will depend on you.
  • Avoid vices: If you want to graduate with a satisfying mark, you have to avoid vices. It is not easy but you have to be firm about it. Avoid alcohol, drugs, cigarettes even gaming.

College is a lot more demanding and challenging. You have to ready yourself but if you are used to it, everything will come naturally. With the survival guides mentioned above, you will surely succeed in college.


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