5 Tips to De-Bloat Yourself After the Holidays


Who isn’t guilty of overeating during the holidays? To detoxify your body and de-bloat yourself after the holiday season, here are some healthy-eating tips you’d surely want to consider.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Many of us often mistake thirst for hunger. So, the next time you feel like downing an entire pizza, reach for water first. Aside from quenching the thirst, it helps to make you feel full. It is even suggested to drink a glass of water before a meal, so you’ll feel less hungry when your food arrives.

  1. Wait it Out

Studies show that an average craving lasts for only 10 minutes. So before giving in to your cravings, wait it out for 10 minutes. Use the time to complete an item to your to-do-list, clean your desk, or do anything that will give you a sense of accomplishment—and keep you away from the kitchen.

  1. Eat More Often

Individuals who have successfully maintained their healthy weight for years tend to eat an average of five times each day. Light, frequent meals keep your appetite satisfied, improve your mood, boost your energy, speed up metabolism, and aid weight loss—as the process of digestion burns calories.


  1. Steer Clear From Sodas

Sodas are a major source of empty calories. Many of us drink twice as much soda as teas and milk, and nearly five times more than fruit juice. To make sure you’re quenching thirst the right way, reach for unsweetened iced teas or plain cold water instead. While these drinks aren’t as satisfying as soft drinks, remember how it made you feel after gulping down a bottle of cola—bloated and gassy.

  1. Go for Healthier Alternatives

Choose nutritious low-calorie substitutes over sugary and fatty treats. Munch on frozen grapes instead of candies. Use microwave-popped popcorn instead of oil-popped. Dip fresh berries in dark chocolate fudge instead of regular chocolate for lesser calories.

Take one step at a time; change doesn’t happen overnight. With practice these healthy-eating habits become much easier. And with regular exercise on the side, you won’t only de-bloat yourself from holiday gluttony, but also help achieve your new year’s weight loss goals.


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