5 Secret Airplane Features You Didn’t Know Existed

The parts of the plane that all of us know are the most obvious ones—the cockpit, the wings and the tail. However, there are a lot of things going on behind these parts that probably most of us don’t know of.

Even if you’re a frequent flyer, you will be surprised by these hidden buttons and functions that could make your flight even more comfortable.

1. The Hidden Button for Extra Space
The armrest nearest to the aisle looks fixed. But if you need more space, know that it can be raised. Simply look for a button under the armrest, near the hinge. Press it and it will let you swing the armrest up. Once you got the armrest out of the way, there’s no more digging into your side, you can move your legs around freely and stand up and move conveniently if you need to go to the toilet.

2. Emergency Wing Hooks
In case of an emergency water landing, these hooks can be used to secure a rope between the wings and the door hatch. The rope will provide the passengers something to hold on to so they will not slip off the slippery wing and drop into the water.

3. That Tiny Window Hole
Look closely at your plane window and you’ll see a little hole at the bottom part of it. Take an even closer look and you will notice that the window is made of three glasses, and the hole is carved on the middle glass. This is meant to protect the plane from the strong pressure from the outside of the plane. The outside glass handles all the external pressure, the middle glass balances it and the inside glass is there to keep the middle glass from cracking.

4. Secret Bedroom
If you think there isn’t enough room on the plane for a sleeping area, you’re wrong. Most airbuses for long-haul flights have sleeping compartments where the crews can catch a shut eye, read a book or just hide from annoying passengers. If you’re nice enough for a flight attendant to like you, she might just let you take a nap at their area during the entire flight.

5. Triangles Above Windows
Check the walls above the windows of your plane. Above the middle windows, you will likely see triangles drawn on the wall. Each triangle lines up with the edge of the aircraft’s wing. This is for the flight attendants, so they know where go to get the best view of the airplane’s flaps and slats. If you have motion sickness, securing a seat between these triangles will help give you a more stable ride as this part is the plane’s centre of gravity.

Some of these may be present in some aircrafts, while some are not. But it doesn’t hurt to check, so why not try? These hidden features can certainly give you a more pleasant ride and even peace of mind.

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