5 Coffee Substitutes to Help Reduce Your 3-Cups-a-Day Habit



Your nine-to-five office hours can stress the need for caffeine every day to help you start your day and keep your energy the entire afternoon. However, after years of sipping coffee 2–3 times a day, the anxiety and stained teeth would no longer feel worth the buzz. To manage anxiety and restore your teeth’s natural whiteness, here are ways on how to keep your focus with healthier java alternatives.

Green Tea

Can’t start the day without a cup of coffee? Try green tea, preferably matcha tea, as it has less caffeine content than a cup of java but enough to give the boost you need without the jitters. A refreshing cup of green tea is also packed with health benefits, such as catechins, which are powerful antioxidant and disease fighters.


This soothing drink is commonly made with milk, black tea and a variety of spices like ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. A hot cup of chai tea will help you get through an afternoon slump. And with its smooth, creamy texture, it can trick your mind into thinking you’re having coffee!

Nutty Smoothies

Nuts, which are good source of fibre and protein, make a healthy treat anytime of the day, but they are also nourishing when whipped into a smoothie. A nutty smoothie made with protein powder, cashew milk and peanut butter help elevate your sugar levels. Fight the three o’clock slump by counteracting low blood sugar level with a nutty smoothy.

Dark Chocolate

Coffee beans aren’t the only energy-boosting type of beans; cocoa beans contain caffeine as well. However, compared to the 95 grams of caffeine in a cup of coffee, a regular-sized milk chocolate bar typically contains only 9 grams of caffeine. Dark chocolate is a better alternative; the same size has about 18 grams of caffeine—plus, the bittersweet types are richer in antioxidants.

Carob Drink

If early afternoon slump gets you running to the nearest coffee shop, you may want to keep a stash of carob powder in your office desk. Just like cocoa, carob powder tastes wonderful when combined with mixed in a cup of warm milk and teaspoonful of honey, and prevents you from experiencing energy crash later in the day.

Coffee is a morning staple for many of us, and it’s what keeps us alert during post-lunch slump. But if you believe you’ve had too much coffee in your life or just want to reduce your caffeine intake, these coffee alternatives are undoubtedly a much healthier option than your usual cup of Joe.

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