Your Teddy Bear, Your Best Friend

People say that dogs are a man’s best friend. While that cliché holds true as we can read lots of heartwarming and tear-jerking stories of a dog saving his owner’s life and a man rescuing her dog from the hands of an animal oppressor, have you ever asked yourself who is the best friend of every man in his childhood years?

Where You Can Find a Best Friend

There is this fun and unique shop in Plaza Singapura along Orchard Road where any kid, even adults, can create his or her best friend. Yes, that’s right! Creating a best friend is made easy and possible in Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Just like friends have different characters that make them totally unique as individuals, the shop offers different stuffed toys and animals for you to select from, though the shop’s name proposes that what you will build is a bear.

A Special Teddy Bear

At the Stuff Me station of BBW, you will do the stuffing for your own toy. While stuffing is a very important part as all of us want our teddy bears soft and cuddly, it is not yet the most special part of customizing your best friend teddy here in BBW. Just like in real life that we do special things for our best friend, you will also have to do something really special for your best friend teddy, and that is to add a heart to your bear—BBW’s trademark. Through this, you are like bringing your teddy bear to life, as if by magic. The shop also provides clothes and accessories so your best friend teddy will have a unique personality just like you.

There you go! You now have successfully created a new best friend teddy who can let you enjoy your childhood if you are still a kid or will make you look back to those years when friendship, trust, comfort, and love are all given to you by your old teddy bear.

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