What To Remember When Planning Your Wedding

Planning your own wedding can be the most stressful yet most fun moments of your life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that is just so awe-inspiring and very stressful at the same time. However, no matter how much pressure you may be in, it’s not an excuse to plan things out of rush and forget some important details. Never plan things in a hurry and follow this quick guide to make wedding planning fun and easy.


1. The Venue and the Date
Imagine how you would like your perfect wedding to beginning and end. Where do you want it to take place? Do you want a princess-like theme that you’ve always been dreaming of since you were a kid? Do you want it by the beach or in a traditional church in Singapore? When do you want it to happen?

2. The Budget
If you’re working on limited resources, try making your own wedding decorations. Another option would be to have an outdoor area where there would be lots of natural flowers and shrubberies for your singapore wedding
to save from having to order pricy floral arrangements. Get those creative juices going and see where your creativity takes you.


3. The Guests List
Now that you’ve already determined the budget, it’s time to decide on the size of the party. In filling up the guests list, always start with the people in Singapore closest to you. Keep in mind that your partner also have his own set of people he wants to invite, therefore, this part should be discussed together with your spouse.

4. The Honeymoon
Having dealt with dozens of vendors, bridesmaid problems, and months of stress just to make your wedding day extra perfect, you deserve a holiday. Your honeymoon is your first few days or weeks alone with your beloved other, so it surely is very exciting. If you’re wishing to experience the elegance of Fullerton, Conrad, or Raffles Hotel in your honeymoon, book your stay well in advance to avoid conflicts and for you to have the best choices of amenities to choose from.


5. The Legal Documents
Make sure you’ve already arranged all legal details. The solemnization of the marriage should be scheduled within three months or at the minimum of 21 days after the date you filed your Notice of Marriage. On the wedding day, secure the wedding certificate that you and your spouse will sign after the ceremony. Without all these legal documents in Singapore, all the sleepless nights, stress, and money spent will be for nothing. Double check every document needed a few days before the actual wedding day for peace of mind.

6. The Itineraries
Check with every single vendor – from the linen provider to your limo driver in Singapore – a week before the perfect wedding date. Double check and confirm prices for last minute emergencies, like overtimes and emergency errands. Ask how they are going to charge you with these circumstances. Also, send out programs and agendas to you groomsmen and bridesmaids for them to be guided with the time. If someone in the party is notorious for being late, have their program an hour early just in case.

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