What Not to Say to Your Wedding Florist

Your big day is finally coming up and you’re set on planning the floral decor to match everything you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Now that you’ve finally picked out a wedding florist in all of Singapore that you can trust, it’s important that you say exactly what you want and how much of it, as clearly and concisely as possible.

Unfortunately, this may not always be the case – things can get confusing because of a lot of things that need to be planned out, and time constraints could play a big factor here, among others. As a bride-to-be, here are some of the things you really shouldn’t tell your wedding florist:

1. “I want you to work on my wedding. It’s in (any time period less than one to two weeks).”

Keep in mind that you’re asking a wedding florist, not a miracle worker. Something as big as a wedding can’t be done that quickly – there are a lot of things that your florist has to deal with after considering your orders, and that doesn’t yet include the actual arranging of the floral decor.

It’s not just the wedding flowers or the bridal bouquet that you need to keep in mind, but other things as well, such as the catering, the venue, and even the invitations. Like in many things, cramming the plans for your wedding isn’t really doing anyone any favors. You should give it plenty of time.

2. “I want this (insert expensive flower here). Can you fit it in my budget?”

You wouldn’t believe the number of times this line has left many a florist annoyed. No matter how much you want it, it’s best not to blow your budget on something you can’t, or can only barely, afford.

The same thing could be said about imported flowers or ones that aren’t in season. Choose to have tropical flowers for your floral decor or wedding car decor instead – there are plenty of those in Singapore that can stand up to the year-long humidity – or better yet, ask your florist about the ones that can fit within your budget.

3. *Not talk about money*

Silence means yes in this context. If you do this, your florist will assume that you can afford it. It’s paramount that you discuss your budget with your wedding florist in Singapore when planning for something like this because your florist will be needing this detail when working with the design for your wedding.

There is nothing more embarrassing than the unpleasant surprise that you can’t afford what you’re planning, and it’s even worse when that reveal only comes when everything else has been said and done.

4. “Can these be un-scented?”

The answer would most likely be no. The good news is that there are a wide range of flowers that you can choose from, and wedding flowers, especially the ones for your bridal bouquet, are more likely to be looked at rather than smelled. If you don’t like the flower’s scent, you could ask your florist instead for alternatives.

5. “Yes, yes, yes…” *some time later* “Wait, what? This is awful!”

Pay attention when you’re talking to your florist about the plans for your wedding. After all, it’s your big day – everything should be put into careful consideration. As much as possible, discuss everything. You really don’t want to overlook details or make choices that you’ll end up regretting as you’re walking down the aisle.

6. “I’m not paying for something that dies in a day.”
Having a limited shelf life should not be a reason to skimp on buying certain things. Do consider that you’re planning in a span of one or two, perhaps even several, months in advance for just one very special day. There’s a good chance that everything that you intend to purchase or rent – from the clothes, the décor, the car, the service, the invitations, even the venue – will only be used once.

Yes, even the bridal bouquet will eventually wilt, especially if the flowers are imported. That’s why you should give this part of the planning a lot of thought – and consult your florist on how to make them last the longest, if you’re planning on using the same flowers on both the ceremony and the reception.

7. “I have no idea what I want.”

As a future bride-to-be, you have to have a detailed plan on what you want your wedding to look like. You have to give your florist something to work with – they’re not mind readers or psychics. The last thing you both want is to spend hours in frustration as you keep saying, “I don’t like this,” to everything your florist suggests.

You could, however, show your florist a picture of the venue as well as a few samples that you liked and see what he/she thinks about it. Then, you could ask for suggestions on how to make your theme look even better.

8. “It turns out we changed venues, so we’re going to have to overhaul the theme because it doesn’t fit.”

This just spells “so much hassle” for you more than it does your florist. Not only will he/she be starting again from scratch after having made the pre-orders as well as the flower arrangements, but you will also be stuck with the downtime of having to wait for the new arrangements to be finished.

Reserving your venue first will make things run much more smoothly. After all, this is Singapore – there’s bound to be someplace that will suit your fancy.

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