Top Five Watches for Women  


Singaporean women love accessories. One famous accessory and must-have for women is watches. Watch lovers were happy to take part of the Geneva’s largest watch fair – Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH). The five-day fair showcased the exclusive and the most luxurious timepieces of 2016. For this year, nine exhibitors shared space at the Carre des Horlogers.


Exhibitors include MB&F, Urwek, Kari Voutilainen, H Moser, Christophe Claret, De Bethune, Hauetlence, HYT and Laurent Ferrier. One of the highlights was Laurent Ferrier ‘Night Blue’. The timepiece features two time zones and dial that takes after the map of the world. The exhibitors are incapable of making ordinary watches.

As for women’s watches, here are the top five watches featured at the SIHH:

  • Van Cleef & Arpels Ronde des Papillons: Van Cleef & Arpels introduced the Poetic Complications collection. It is a charming piece that features a thirty eight white gold case framed by diamonds. What makes this piece charming more than the gold case and the diamonds? Well, there’s the hand-painted animation on different levels –a swallow painted in blue, white and black headed for 6 o’clock and butterflies spin every passing minute.
  • Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements II: The Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art went for an upgrade this year with its fresh designs. The inspirations of Vacheron Constatntin are the most exotic places in the planet. For this particular year, they feature the Indian Manuscript with all its diamond set, hand-engraved dial and polished ring. We will be award of the floral motifs which are instituted in Indian manuscript.


  • Roger Dubuis: For the 2016 SIHH, Roger Dubuis introduced their Blossom Velvet Pink. The color is without a doubt with a feminine touch. The timepiece is about thirty six millimetre pink-coloured encased in gold with two edges of cut diamonds. It doesn’t end there because there is a split level for the mother of the pearl and the dial offers striking flowery motifs.
  • Piaget Limelight Gala: The Piaget also introduced their Limelight Gala. Limelight Gala in fact was crafted in 1970 and reinvented in 2013. In the past, Piaget only considered the watches and the satin straps. On 2013, the company finally decided to change and jazz up the strap to Milanese mesh which added more class to the look. The timepiece is studded with diamonds whilst the dial set features Roman numerals.
  • Cartier Pantheres: For the Cartier house, Panther has always been the main highlight. We will see that the timepiece design features a graceful and elegant beast. When the crown is pressed, we will see that a baby panther evading the clutches of its mother in pursuit of a golden bird. The timepiece is of course adorned by gems, diamond coat and lacquer spots.

These timepieces are not ordinary at all thereby making it expensive knowing that stones and valuable gems are included. However, when we love classy timepieces, the cost does not compare to the feeling of having it. Let us look forward to next year’s SIHH and see what it will offer but for now, let us just enjoy the present exhibitors.

In the meantime, many Singaporeans are drawn to the art and science of watchmaking. Though we do not hear watchmaking to be a career or pastime, we still need to consider it. Watchmakers are specifically trained. In modern times, timepieces are factory made. However for those who want to master the craft more, there are plenty of schools around that can help us achieve this goal. To be a watchmaker, we need fabrication and repair skills to be successful.

If we are that serious about studying watchmaking, we can consider asking some people. There’s the Clock and Watch Trade Association here in the city and it can be a great start finding the perfect crowd. Watchmaking is popular in Switzerland and some parts in Europe. There, a watchmaker should complete a watchmaking degree before actually getting in to the industry and immersing. Do not forget about the in-house brand training to be conducted. Sounds serious, right?

No matter the circumstance, if watchmaking is our thing, we should never listen to what other people might say because there is always something. In watchmaking, rewards are great especially many people are buying. So, do it before it is too late and enjoy the process.


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