Things to Know About Diamonds

In 2013, Sierra Leone uncovered the largest diamond that year. It was dug up in a mining site somewhere in the district of Kono. It was reported that it was the largest and finest diamond in 2013. It was 125-carat stone. The diamond was extraordinary because it is rare for a stone over 100 carats to preserve its original shape without any crevice.       Extraction-of-Diamonds

According to reports, it was sold on January 24, 2014. It was sold around US $800,000 (approximately S$1 million). Here’s the ironic part: Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world but has rich mineral deposits. Many investors are eyeing the country because of its mineral deposits. Small scale and large scale mining are prevalent here.

If you are into diamonds, you should know its secrets so you will know its trade. Here are the things you should know about diamonds:

Carat Weight


Rare diamonds refer to diamonds with exceptional size. Rare diamonds also describe diamonds without impurities despite its size. The carat is the standard measure of weight for diamonds (and other stones). Even if two diamonds have the same size, their values differ because of its quality.


When you hear of clarity, it means the purity of diamonds. The clarity of diamonds are defined by its colour, number, size, nature and position. These are called the “inclusions”. The surface of the diamond is called “blemishes”.


Diamonds have different colours because of factors like traces, heat and pressure. Its colour may be detected when you put diamonds side by side. There is a machine that can grade the colour of the diamonds but nothing compares to the trained human eye. The colour grade starts at D and continue through Z. D is the rarest and the purest.



Nature defines the carat weight, clarity and the colour but it is only in the hands of experienced craftsmen that realizes its beauty. The cut gives every diamond its brilliance and sparkle. It is in the hands of experienced craftsmen to cut it too deep or shallow.

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