The Top Eight Most Powerful People in Finance  


The financial world is a vast one and it would be to our benefit to know who triumphed over it. The Business Insider just released their list of the 2016 world’s most powerful people. There were more than one hundred influential players in the finance industry and to get the most powerful people ranking, Business Insider used metrics from economic power to impact, newsworthiness and command.


Here are the top eight most powerful people in finance:

  1. Warren Buffet: Warren Buffet is on the top spot and it is not a surprise. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Berkshire Hathaway in the United States. He is 85 years old which proves that he is a force to be reckoned with. He started when he was 11 years old and continued to amass fortune from thereon. He is famous for his aptitude to make smart bets on companies like American Express and Coca-Cola. He is also a philanthropist with his collaboration with Giving Pledge – an initiative to give away at least half of their wealth to charity.
  2. Janet Yellen: This woman is also a force to be reckoned with. She is the current chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in United States. She is 69 years old and made history being the first woman to hold the post. She is said to be the protector of the US economy. So far, the results are good with low unemployment rate by 5% and opening more than 200,000 jobs. It does not end there because Yellen also raised interest rates from 0.15% to 0.50%.
  3. Jiang Jianqing: Jiang Jianqing is Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s (ICBC) Chairman and executive director. He is 62 years old now and he captains the largest commercial bank in the world with more than $3.5 trillion worth of assets. His life didn’t start as a banker since he started toiling on coal mines and farms during the Cultural Revolution. When he went to ICBC, he was a teller first. When he took over as chairman on 2005, the bank was almost ruined but he made it to something that generates about $45 billion in profit annually which exceeded JPMorgan Chase.
  4. Abigail Johnson: Abigail Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity. She succeeded her father last 2014 and as of the moment, Fidelity is the second leading mutual fund company in United States with $5.2 trillion worth of assets. When she took the company, she didn’t slow down with costs cutting and firing ineffective people. She has 24% stake and holds a fortune of $18.5 billion – which makes her one of the world’s wealthiest woman.280x425
  5. Larry Fink: Larry Fink is the Chief Executive of BlackRock in United States. He is 63 years old. His company rose to prominence being the leading asset-management firm in the world. He is known for his risk analysis and savvy-ness. In fact, he was dubbed as “Aladdin”. Now, he is entrusted with supervising more than $4.5 trillion worth of assets. His popularity makes him a popular bet for the US Treasury secretary.
  6. Jamie Dimon: Jamie Dimon is the Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase in United States. He is 59 years old and he’s been in the company for over a decade. JPMorgan Chase is the leading commercial bank in United States holding assets worth $2.6 trillion. He was praised for his guidance especially with the financial crisis. As of 2014, JPMorgan Chase reportedly earned about $21.8 billion.
  7. Mario Draghi: Mario Draghi is the President of the European Central Bank. He is 67 years old from Italy. He played a vital role in averting further damage of Greece’s failing economy. For this year, he propelled a stimulus program.
  8. Michael Bloomberg: Michael Bloomberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Bloomberg LP. He is now 73 years old. Bloomberg is a media giant and he surely knows how to make his presence known. He amassed fortune and went to public service but in 2014, he ousted the CEO making his return to the company a big one. His value is worth $42 billion.

Notice that all influential people included in the list are old. This goes to show that there is still plenty of time for us to be like them. Let this serve as our inspiration.

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