Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of Your Stubborn Belly Fat

Excess belly fat is just downright annoying. Not only does it cause your clothes to stick in all the wrong places, it also makes certain sitting positions feel uncomfortable. But aside from that, belly fat is also linked in a more serious health issue – an increased risk for heart disease. So if you’ve already tried and failed making lasting changes to your body, do know that there’s still hope. The following tips form a holistic approach, which when combined makes blasting your belly fat as easy as pie.

1. Focus on Performing Aerobic Exercises
If you tried to lose fat in your stomach area, then you might’ve thought that you should focus on doing abdominal training exercises. While such training exercises help, a study revealed that performing aerobic exercises like running and swimming are more effective at getting rid of belly fat. There’s also no solid evidence proving that training your abdominal muscles alone will have any effect on the levels of your stomach fat.

2. Consume More Protein
Another great way to effectively reduce your belly fat is to reduce your overall weight through adopting a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. One dietary adjustment that you can make is to eat fewer carbs and more protein. You can start by basing your meals and snacks around lean proteins and veggies, with a modest serving of whole grain carbs as a side dish. For your snacks, switch your usual chips, crackers and sandwiches for healthier and more appetizing options like apple and cheese slices.

3. Steer Clear From Sugary Drinks
Apart from causing tooth decay, drinks sweetened with sugar also encourage the development of belly fat. Your brain won’t register the amount of calories you’ve ingested from sugary drinks, which means you’ll end up consuming calories that don’t fill you up but still contribute to the development of the pesky belly fat. This just means that you’ll consume a higher number of calories overall.

4. Ensure You’re Not Constipated

A distended belly is often a sign of constipation instead of an excess stomach fat. So before you get into any dietary changes or perform any workout routine, ensure first that you aren’t constipated. Also, watch out for foods that could encourage bloating like barley, beans, broccoli, lentils and wheat.

Reducing a stubborn fat belly isn’t as difficult as you think, if you only make the right dietary and follow a good exercise routine. It’s important to note, however, that you’ll need to continue practising the aforementioned tips if you want to maintain your body changes. So commit to revamping your lifestyle and you’ll soon reap its benefits.

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