Shopping Tips We Can Learn from Our Girlfriends  


Men shop differently than women. When women shop, they find the happiness and fervour to look for discounts and sales. Shopping for men is an obligation or a need. If we want to see shopping in a new light, we have to know some tips.

Couple Carrying Shopping Bags in Mall

We can learn these tips from our girlfriends:

  • Swap: Women are not embarrassed or ashamed to borrow stuffs or swap things. Men should learn that this action can save us a lot of money. Men just buy things without thinking that his brother has the same shirt and it is okay to just borrow.
  • Shop in group: Men just shop alone because they are afraid to be judged. Women on the other hand shop in groups because together, they can achieve many things. Everything is tackled until the purchase is made. It pays to have people around telling us if it is a good fit or not. Men should practice the same.

In the shopping mall

  • Bulk buying: Bulk buying here in Singapore is common since we can save money but not all consider it especially men. Women like to buy in bulk and if the other friend is not willing to buy, women will get both to get the best deal.
  • Walk before buying: Men are so impatient that they purchase right away and regret later. Notice when women go for a shopping, they will walk frivolously. We have to learn how to be merry like them.
  • Shopping patterns: The reason why women are so fashionable is because they know the shopping patterns. For example, they know when the Great Singapore Sale is. Men do not usually know this.


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