Riding the Tallest Ferris Wheel

Singapore Flyer is just like the London Eye of the United Kingdom. It is one of a kind of architectural design which you won’t miss when you visit Singapore. Found on the heart of the Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer stands as a proud spot of the city.


World Record

The Singapore Flyer has taken the title of the tallest Ferris wheel of the world, standing 30 meters taller than the London Eye. For many times I have been to Singapore, I never planned to ride on the flyer. Not that I’m afraid of heights, but riding it is too expensive for me and there are also other places near the Marina Bay where you could see the entire city. On getting through the flyer, we took the Circle Line and disembarked at the Promenade MRT station.


Food and Treats

We made an exit through Exit C and took a walk to the flyer. A food court and restaurants is located for those who want to have a quick snack. They also accept private banquets for those who are on board. On the other side of the flyer’s platform, the office for Legoland Malaysia is located. Before the sun sets, we boarded the flyer.

The Perfect Time

It was around 6:30PM, just a good time to take good portraits of the view. We passed through metal detectors for safety measures then you can see exhibits of the Singapore Flyer. Just before boarding, photographers would take pictures of every guest. We walked through a platform to ride the flyer. It moves just very slow to give guests the time to get on and off as it moves at 0.76km/h. The capsules are shaped in cylinder that fits 28 persons.


Beautiful View

It would move steadily as it takes you to the wonderful view of the Marina Reservoir. You could also see the Gardens by the Bay at the right side; at the top the Singapore Financial District is seen. The ride costs S$33 for adults and S$21 for children. One revolution of the ride takes 30 minutes to finish. Don’t consider the price; consider what you can see with your eyes.

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