New Year’s Resolution: Organizing The Bedroom


It is the year of the Rooster and what better way to fire it up? You have to organize your bedroom. This will be a good New Year’s resolution. There are many things that you can consider to organize your bedroom. You can do it personally or have someone do it for you. No matter what you choose, remember that you maintaining it can be challenging.

 Your bedroom is a reflection of yourself. You do not want to start the year with clutter and dirt. You need to organize it to create a vibrant room. Here are some tips for organizing your bedroom:

  • Under the bed storage: Not all Singaporeans consider under the bed storage. What is good about this storage is that it is not visible yet very accessible. If you can, you can change new bed this year. There are many beds sold here that offer different storage ideas. You can store some items there from linens to books and other things.


  • Being creative on walls: If you have a small room with many things, it will surely be a clutter. What better way to make your space comfortable? Keep some spaces clear and then work on your walls. Artwork can make a difference at the end of the day.


  • Organize via category: Organizing should be systematic. You just don’t pick a space then start but if you get bored, you pick another one. Organizing should be broken according to category. For example, if you choose to start organizing the closet, finish it first. If your closet is messy, it can disturb the calm state of your bedroom. After the closet, work on the dresser and bookcases, etc.

  • Look for functional furniture: Like mentioned earlier, a bed with functioning storage should be considered. There are many furniture shops here that offer multi-function if you are serious about it. You should also look for multi-function night table. Multi-functional furniture can help you save and maximize the small space.


  • Secure garbage pail: Look for a small yet attractive garbage pain in your bedroom. You do not want a big bin. The bin can help you manage with scraps of tissue, paper and other small trashes. Do not throw food items there if you do not want your bedroom to flood with foulness.


  • Secure hamper: A hamper is important as it can help you separate used clothes and new ones. It will also prevent spilling out all over the room. It will also be easy to identify clothes that need washing.


Hopefully these tips are enough for a clean and trouble-free bedroom.

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