Manhunt Singapore 2013

The search is on. Candidates for Manhunt Singapore were officially released. Fifteen candidates are vying for the Manhunt Singapore 2013 winner. The candidates are Andrew Chua, Benjamin Khoh, Franis Nathan, Hadi Omar, Harry Tanujaya, Herman Lim, Issac Tan Rui, Jake Junjie, Jason Tan, Justin Toh, Kendrick Lim, Khye Norello, Koh Ben Kiong, Rafiq Qifar and Zhong Xi.


If you want to stand a chance, you can always consider next year. You should begin by considering the following tips:

Exercise regularly

If you notice, candidates are physically fit. Physical fitness is not only intended to achieve a perfect look because it can also promote health and wellness. You should exercise regularly. You are free to go to the gym or just workout inside the house. It does not matter as long as you exercise as often as you can. If you are physically fit, you will have higher chances next year.

Eat right

If you pair exercise with the right food, you will surely stay fit. You should be aware of what you eat because it can affect your body. Choose healthy foods instead of junks.

Enough sleep

Do not underestimate the power of sleep. If you have enough sleep, your skin will look younger and it will glow. It can also prevent dark circles under your eyes. In other words, sleeping takes care of your looks.

Maintain a positive attitude

The most important thing here is you maintain a positive attitude. You should continue despite the soreness and pains because it is for your own good at the end of the day. Stay positive and everything will work out.

The reigning Manhunt Singapore (2012) winner is Jason Chee. He was judged as the fourth runner up and the Best Physique winner from last year’s competition held in Thailand. If you want to be the next Manhunt winner, you should start taking care of yourself as soon as possible.

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