It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive: Planning your Wedding

If you are practical, great things await. Your wedding doesn’t have to be expensive, especially with the uncertainties of the economy these days. Instead of spending so much money on your wedding gowns and other wedding items, why not save it for the future of your future family? That sounds practical. If you are like this, there are many things that you can consider. Woe to others who will criticize you for your preference. Do not mind these people and go ahead with your wedding plans.


There are two possibilities of inexpensive wedding-civil or church. Civil wedding is when a mayor of the city or a judge can marry you which is perfectly legal. A church wedding is when a priest marry you together with the exchanging of vows and other rites. Regardless of what you choose, you can have that inexpensive wedding in a wedding dress that you want. You only need to be meticulous when you plan. If you want help, you can refer to the following checklist:

Decide on your budget

Yes, you want a cheap wedding but you still need to decide on your budget because it can serve as your framework for other things.

Decide how many guests you will invite

Guests mean cost. Though it is nice to have many people around to celebrate with you in your perfect wedding dress but it is not practical. If you prefer an intimate reception only for special people, you should pursue it. Other people will understand.


Decide where the reception will take place

If you want to have the reception in a restaurant, you can reserve a function room. The grand ballrooms of hotels may not a good option for you because of their hefty price, but a function room in a restaurant should do. Your guests won’t come for the foods and the venue anyway; they’ll come to congratulate you. If you really want a cheaper venue, you can have it in your house – that way you will only pay for the caterers.

Look for caterers and cake specialists

Regardless of the place, you need caterers and cake specialists. There are a lot of caterers and cake specialists here in Singapore. You can ask friends if they know of delicious caterers and cake specialists. If your foods and cake is delectable, many people will surely remember it no matter how simple it is. When you shop for your wedding gowns, ask the boutique for referrals as vendors in the same industry are often connected with each other.

Choose your wedding gown

There are many inexpensive perfect wedding gowns here in Singapore. Do not worry because you will surely find one if are serious about it.



Instead of purchasing giveaways, you can personalize it. You can actually hand-made it so guests will know each piece is touched with love. You can ask your friends and other relatives to help you with this.

Photography and video

Of course, you would want to relive the moment in the future so documenting the whole event is important. You do not need to get professional photographer or videographer. If you know a friend who is good at this stuff, you can ask him or her to help you. You can pay them a lower rate than that of professional photographers’.

You see, having an inexpensive wedding is possible if you put your mind to it. You do not even need wedding planners because you can do the job alone or with the help of friends and other relatives. If things get demanding, you can ask for the help of some friends and other relatives for free. You will not incur costs when you consider this.

When you follow the advice above, you can save your cost and use it for items that you would treasure more in the years ahead, such as your wedding gowns. If you are still saving for your wedding, you should take your time. Do not rush things by simply borrowing money from other people just to finance your wedding because it is not a good thing to start your family life.

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