Instead of Going to Spas  


We do not consider homemade beauty products because we doubt its effectiveness. We trust spas and other skin care clinics instead because they have this systematic treatments that guarantee effectiveness. A visit at spas or skin care clinics here in Singapore is expensive. If we do not have budget, why not try do-it-yourself beauty treatments?


There are many do-it-yourself beauty treatments that we can consider and are still effective. If we make our beauty treatments, we are confident that it is safe because we know its composition. So, instead of going to spas or other skin care clinics, here are some beauty treatments that we can easily make:

  • Tea bag eye treatment: We hate eyes that resemble that of the puffer fish. Waking up with these eyes is terrifying. When this happens, we can simply consider tea bag eye treatment. After putting two tea bags in hot water for two minutes, we should remove them from the cup and place it on a plate before putting in the freezer until they are cold. The caffeine and acids can help with the puffiness.
  • Hair mask: For bad hair days, we should use hair mask once in a while. The hair mask can help tame our hair. We only need two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of honey and egg yolk. Mix them altogether before applying unto dry hair. We should let it be for one hour and aid it by using shower cap.


  • Body scrub: All body scrubs contain beads that can effectively remove the dead skin layers. We can make it easily. We only need to mix half cup of sugar (either white or brown) with a cup of coconut or olive oil. It might be too oily but it can serve as our moisturizing treatment. We can take a shower afterwards.


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