How to Travel More Even if You Have a Full-Time Job


Fitting your travel goals into your life while working a full-time job can be quite difficult. Between the obligations that you have in your work and the time-consuming travel planning, you’ll likely have trouble turning your travel dreams into a reality. But with just a little creativity and dedication, fitting in your travel plans into your busy work life can be done. Here, we’ve listed down some of the best ways on how you can achieve your travel goals while maintaining a full-time job.

  1. Schedule Your Trip Close to Holiday Season

Taking advantage of long weekends and holidays is one of the best ways to maximize your vacation time. Holidays, such as Labour Day, provide great opportunities to go on a weekend getaway without using your vacation days. If you’re planning to have a week-long trip, you’ll only need to use four vacation leaves instead of five if you’re going to schedule your trip on a week with a holiday.

  1. Turn a Business Trip Into a Vacation

If you’re travelling for business, then you have the option to extend your business trip over a weekend. If possible, have your family or friends join you on the later part of your trip. While you’ll likely be paying for the lodging and other expenses once the business portion of your trip is done, you’ll still get a chance to explore a new place with a great discount. Plus, agreeing to travel for business purposes will surely benefit your career later on.

  1. Negotiate With Your Employer

If you think that your allotted vacation time won’t cover all your desired trips, then consider negotiating more vacation time with your employer. Figure out what you can do to get more days off. Ask your boss if you can work overtime, then take extra time off instead of getting a merit raise. More importantly, find out if it’s possible to work remotely during your trip. This option will likely depend on the type of full-time job that you currently have.

  1. Ensure Your Productivity Won’t Be Affected By Your Travel Plans

Take time to cover your assignments and create some appropriate backups while you’re away from work. This will help in showing that your time off won’t negatively affect your work. Show that your vacation trips is a crucial part of your work-life balance, and that you’re more productive because of it.

  1. Shift to Travel-Friendly Jobs

Still can’t travel enough while maintaining your current job? Then consider replacing your current job with a more travel-friendly work. Having a career in the travel industry will likely include visiting different places while earning passively. If you want, you can also go on a self-employment venture so you’ll have more time to travel in your hands.

Being creative and having enough dedication is all it takes to fit in your travel plans with your busy work schedule. Remember, your full-time job shouldn’t stop you from living an adventurous life.

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