How to Pick the Right High-Heeled Shoes

Even if podiatrists tell people that wearing high heels is bad for your legs and back, a lot of people still endure the pain because they look great. There is a correct way to choose heels, however, so you don’t need to suffer while trying to be beautiful.

Quality Materials

Quality shoes use the best materials. If you’re planning to use the shoes almost everyday, you should invest in quality products that will last long. Choose leather instead of plastics and other materials. Inspect the stitching, lining, weight, the soles and the width of the toe boxes. You should try on the shoes before purchasing, so it’s better not to purchase online. Try walking around with the shoes to make sure you’re comfortable in them.

Heel Height

Shoes are considered high heels if the height is more than 3 inches, the highest reaching up to 8 inches. Remember that the higher the heels, the more difficult they will be to walk in. Consider how often you’re going to use them and for what occasions. Don’t buy shoes you can’t wear. If you’re not used to heels higher than 3 inches, don’t force yourself. High-heeled shoes are not the only fashionable shoes around.

Type of Heels

Choose the type of heels you’re comfortable in. Not everyone can walk with stilettos. You can go for wedge, cone, French, Oxfords, chunky, comma, espadrille and kitten heels. Stilettos have the highest heels while kittens are the shortest. You also have to consider the cut at the front. Some shoes also have straps or sling backs for extra comfort. Choose round toes instead of pointy toes for comfort. Wearing pointy-toed shoes too often can cause joint problems and bunions.

Use Accessories

There are shoe accessories in shops in Singapore to help you feel comfortable in high heels. The heel insoles in particular are very important because they can help keep the pressure off one part of your foot. Some accessories have cushions while others have gels to keep you feet from slipping. There are also heel grips to keep your foot in place. Arch support will reduce the pain in your feet and back. Heel caps protect your shoes from the elements while in storage.

Shoe Characteristics

Your choice of material, color and type of high-heeled shoes will depend on how and where you’re going to use them. Pick neutral colors like black, brown and beige if you’re gonna use them at the office so that they’re easier to pair with your uniform. Pick daring and bright colors like red or pink for special occasions. Consider the types of clothes you have in your closet because some shoes with straps don’t go well with some outfits.

Wear Other Shoes

You don’t have to wear high heels everyday. To avoid foot and back problems, try wearing other types of shoes so your feet can rest. Foot problems are unfashionable. If you want to keep wearing heels, you should also give them a break from time to time.

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