How to Keep Your Hair Salon Successful

Now that you’ve finished setting up your hair salon with a successful opening, how do you make sure it stays successful? It’s never too soon to think about how you can keep your business running in the long term as well as the factors that affect it. In fact, now’s the perfect time to prepare.

Here are the following steps needed to keep your business running:

1. Think office hours
The beauty business isn’t a 9-to-5 job. Ideally, a hair salon in Singapore situated in an area with moderate to heavy foot traffic would usually be open from 10 in the morning to 9 in the evening from Mondays to Saturdays, with Sundays and holidays being 12 noon to 5 p.m.

Early evenings and lunch hours tend to be the busiest times for salons, as these are the hours where most employees are either having lunch or just taking off from work. However, there are other times that you need to stay open to accommodate special needs, such as brides-to-be that would be glad to see a hairdresser open as early as 7 a.m.

Alternatively, you could also include to offer your service for special appointments. A lot of special events (i.e., weddings, formal social events, dances) that need hairdressers or make-up artists, both of which you would be happy and willing to cater to.

2. Know your area well
While you also need to keep up with global trends, it’s important that you know the local market accommodates a typical hair salon in Singapore. Consider your foot traffic as well as your customers – for instance, are they working-class employees looking to unwind or feel good about themselves, or are they mostly college students?

The demographic of your customer base should be one of the things to keep in mind when running your hair salon, since they would likely prefer having a specific hairdo. While younger generations might be more inclined to try out more daring looks, older customers going to a good hair salon Singapore would prefer more conservative hairstyles.

Office hours could also be another thing to consider if your area has different work hours from other places that you’re used to. If the foot traffic is densest at 3 p.m. instead of 6, you might want to focus your office hours to accommodate this schedule to attract the most number of customers.

3. Price your services fairly
Though you don’t want to offer prices that are too low to keep your services from being perceived as sub-par, you also don’t want to overcharge – this could drive customers away because they can’t afford to get their hair curled and/or dyed.

Even the best hair salon in Singapore, though certainly would have expensive services, would have to take into account the kind of equipment as well as the personnel training, and even other factors such as rent and electricity.

You also shouldn’t overpay your technicians right away. While this sounds like good incentive for them to work for you, this could only cause problems for the long term. Eventually, you would start to resent paying that high an amount and you would have to let them go if you can see that your hair salon isn’t doing so well.

4. Diversify
It’s important that you have stylists who specialize in a single technique, but it’s even better that all your employees that you work with have the necessary skills to be able to meet every customer’s needs. This way, you can work faster and end up with more satisfied clients.

And because being the best hair salon in Singapore isn’t enough to make you stand out, you need to find something else that will. Why not start by turning your business into an all-around beauty salon? You can widen your services by offering facial care, manicures, pedicures, or even carry the skincare or hair care line of your own choosing.

5. Endorse a retail product line
Having retail products to supplement your salon can increase the income from your business. Other than just ordering the product, arranging them in a certain attractive way in the lobby or near the receptionist’s desk can help boost sales. When using these products in your business, be sure to educate your staff on how to do so to achieve maximum effect.

You also need to sell more than just one product, which is why it’s easy to associate one particular salon with one entire product line with products ranging from not just hair, but also face, skin, and nails. Just be sure to keep inventory in order to avoid overstocking.

6. Think of the occasional gift certificate
Gift certificate sales are a great way to boost sales, and a well-placed promo during the holidays, such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, can not only draw in as much as ten percent of your monthly sales, but also help set the theme for the month.

The best part of gift certificates is that you can offer them to loyal customers to bring in more cash at very little cost to you and your business. Budgeting for the gift certificates can help you handle the operational costs beforehand.

7. Wear a uniform
Or to be more specific, have a black uniform for you and your employees. It’s no secret that customers are more inclined to feel safe and trust the stylist that wears black. No one really knows why – but it works. Try it in your hair salon and see what happens!

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