How for Parents to Encourage Their Children to Learn

1. Remove or limit the use of television. Children Older than 2 years old should only watch quality TV shows for an hour or two  a day. Let them watch programs that they can learn about the history and facts about the world.  Those under 2 years old should not watch any TV shows.


2. Limit computer and internet use. Make sure that when you let your children use the computer, it is for educational purposes only. If they can use the computer anytime with accessibility in any sites in the internet, this may cause them to go to a site that is forbidden for them.

3. Buy reading materials for children. Buy books that they can learn from. This may be a tool for them to develop their desires to read and become a bookworm. Those who reads a lot, learns a lot. Just be sure of the books you will let them read, those books should contain ideas and information that are true and appropriate for their age. And it is important also that they can see in you the fun that you have while reading. You must be a good example of a reader, for them to follow what you are doing.


4. Make a place and time for learning. Create a space in your house that will encourage studying and reading. Let say you have a room for your children that every time they need to study and read they will just go there. In the room you have all the reading materials that they need. This will provoke them to study.

5. Teach your kids personally. Teach your children stuffs that you know can add knowledge to them. If they ask you something, answer it based on true facts. This just happens anytime and anywhere, the good thing about this is your children is learning and having fun at the same time.


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