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Singaporeans are crazy over the new iPhone. In this case, let us discuss about the features of iOS 8. You may be surprised of the things that it can do. It is important that you know how to maximize your iOS so it can be at its best. Here are some features of iOS 8:


  • Sending most recent photos: When you are texting someone and you like to send few photos, iOS 8 is very smart that it will show you the most recent photos you took. You can simply tap the camera icon and the most recent photos will he shown to you. You can send one or more photos if you like.
  • Last known location: Your battery died and you have no way of finding your phone. That was in the past. Now you can still find your phone even if it is not turned on. You only need to open your iCloud account and make use of the Find My iPhone feature. Just remember to check the location before 24 hours because Apple will delete the location of the information after that.


  • Siri accessibility: In the past, you can command Siri by holding the home button. Now, you can command Siri without holding anything. You only need to get the attention of Siri by simply saying “Hey, Siri”. This feature is only applicable if your phone is plugged in.
  • Hide photos: There are photos that you do not want to show. The iOS 8 can hide your photos for your own consumption. To do this, you should hold your finger in a specific photo then touch Hide.
  • Better dictation: Now you do not need to be frustrated when you ask it to type a text because iOS 8 has better dictation.

That should do it. If you are not satisfied, you can look for other things that you can do to your iPhone.


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