Dog: The Loyal Follower

If you do not consider pets, this is the perfect time to have one. Do not underestimate the power of pets because you will be surprised how it can change your life. Domesticated animals are readily available from dogs to cats, birds, fish, turtles and many others. There are people that consider exotic pets like tarantula, snakes, komodo, lizards and many others.


When you consider a pet, make sure you are not breaking any laws. You should also inquire if pets are allowed in your compound. If it is not allowed, do not push your luck. If in this case you considered dogs, you can choose from many breeds. Dogs are beneficial for people especially to those who are visually handicapped. Have you heard about the story of Mr. Alvin Ng?

Mr. Ng is visually handicapped. He uses a dog to guide him around Singapore. The dog, Seretta, is trained by an Australian professional guide dog instructor. Seretta’s training is founded on Mr. Ng’s surroundings and body type. Mr. Ng fondly said that Seretta is a work dog once the harness is set but once the harness is removed, it will go around crazily and play. Seretta is a two year old Labrador dog.

Dogs have other benefits. They can serve as your companion when you are lonely and isolated. With them around, you will not feel lonely and stressed. It reduces anxiety and stress plus it can give a sense of security. You should know that dogs are loyal followers. Where you will go is where they will be. Dog ownership entails responsibility. You should see to it that they are always clean. If they are sick, bring them to veterinarians and when they drop wastes or pee, deal with it.

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