Do You Need Accounting Software?

What if your Singapore business partner requested for inventory files or details of a particular client, what would you do? If you haven’t integrated the automated system of accounting software to your business yet, the probable scenario would be: you turn on your computer, launch some Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, open your drawer and pull out some folders, and manually look for information needed, which will surely take some time to find. Also, don’t forget the sticky notes on your computer monitor reminding you of the scheduled payment to a vendor and an employee who wants to change her withholding income tax.

If you do a lot of this at work, searching, updating, and managing multiple records and files, you will surely benefit from business accounting software.


Instant Information

By integrating accounting software in your system, you will save much more time from manually looking for important files. Though Excel spreadsheets are good enough for tracking expenses and income, it cannot provide you customizable reports and will require constant updating. But with the right business software, everything is managed and recorded automatically to give you a clear bird’s eye view of the company’s status.

Employee’s Records

Take some time to encode your employees’ information, such as payrolls, allowance, and taxes and deductions to the accounting software, instead of spending your Saturdays in the office, sorting out paychecks, taxes, ad tax tables, you should get Million accounting software today to save your time. This will not only make file management easier, but also do automatic calculations when needed. The software can also do the mathematics when it’s time to settle your government tax obligations.

Keep Client’s Details

The list of Singapore customer’s information you keep on a Word document or Outlook, or worst on index papers, needs to be maintained in a systematic finance database. Accounting software allows you to keep important records and import client’s details, such credit terms and limits, contact information, and bank account numbers. You can even add custom fields for more information you’d like to setup. Sometimes, customer records may also contain short descriptions of jobs you’re currently working on for their company.



If somebody wants to purchase your products in bulk, what will you do? Tell the client to wait for a couple of minutes while you send someone to check the stock room if you have enough supplies? By doing so, you’re wasting your client’s time without the assurance whether or not you can provide him with his orders; or even if you can, you’re giving him a chance to change his mind. But with accounting software, you can instantly check from your computer the available supplies with their product descriptions, so you can immediately confirm your client about his purchases. The software will also automatically subtract the sold items to the inventory for updated product monitoring.

A Single Place for Everything

In running a business, there are so many accounting tasks that you need to control aside from developing strategies in improving your business. Through accounting software, you will no longer need to open file drawers, scan every folder, open up spreadsheets, or compute using a manual calculator. Everything you need is right then and there. Taken together, the software can help you save time, money, and effort – and gain more time to strategize your ways of growing your Singapore business.

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