Common Mistakes Men Do When Proposing

As cliché as it may sound, many women have already planned for their future weddings since they were little girls. If you are considering of popping the question, know that your future fiancé had dreamt of her proposal as much as her wedding. You only get one chance to propose, so better do it right! Do not make these common mistakes that many men make when proposing to their significant other.

1. Proposing on a Holiday

Although not necessarily wrong, Valentine’s Day and Christmas are pretty common engagement seasons. Women like things to be unique and special, and would prefer something else that most people don’t have yet. So, what’s special with these popular days of the year? On that next day, when she goes to work and shows off her engagement ring, there will be two or three other women doing the same thing. And trust us, she won’t like that.

2. Proposing Without a Ring

We understand that a diamond ring is a major investment, but there’s no excuse for not having a ring to propose with. If you can’t afford a diamond ring, you can always go for other alternatives, like a moissanite or other precious stone. At least get her an affordable ring, and then upgrade it later when you are more financially stable.

3. Surprising Her With a Ring in Weird Places

It’s not cute to bite a hard metal or possibly swallow the ring. That being said, do not hide your proposal ring in her soup, cake or ice cream. In fact, do not attempt to hide the spouse engagement rings from Singapore anywhere than your pocket. These proposals may seem surprising, but sometimes backfires. A diamond engagement ring is too expensive to be baked in a cupcake or be tossed in a glass of wine. Be more romantic. Prepare a lovely dinner in a romantic place, and get down on one knee while pulling the ring from your own pocket.

4. Forgetting to Ask Permission to Her Family

It maybe old fashioned, but your girlfriend would still prefer for you to ask permission to her family before proposing. Let her mother and father know of your intentions of marriage before coming up to her. Also, when it comes to planning for your proposal, her family and friends are your amazing assets to help you out in picking the perfect proposal ring for her.

5. Telling Her You Need to Settle

There’s nothing romantic about wanting to get married just because you are not getting any younger. When you decide to propose, it should be because you want to spend the rest of your life with her, not because you are getting older and need to settle down. If this is the reason for your proposal, maybe you should not.

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

You do not want to commit any of the mentioned mistakes, nor propose with a wrong ring. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect ring for the perfect girl.

• Know Her Style

Every woman is different. Some women like fancy things, while others are more laidback. If your girl is someone who enjoys glamorous things and designer clothes and won’t think twice to fork out a lot of money for a handbag, then she could be expecting a stunning diamond ring. If she’s someone with relaxed and carefree personality, then a minimalist style wedding ring would suit her style.

• Get the Right Stone

Think about what your future fiance would prefer. If she cares more about the stone, get a larger stone in a sophisticated cut. If you think she would care less about the centrepiece, a simple diamond with an intricate setting and band details would please her more. Browse the internet for inspirations or check out different jewellery stores in Singapore for more options.

• Consider the Wedding Rings

Decide whether you would want matching wedding bands. If you have a preference in mind, go with it for the engagement ring,, because it’s likely that she would want a her engagement ring and wedding ring to match, too. Apart from gold, which comes in yellow, white and rose, platinum, tungsten, titanium, stainless and palladium are other great options for your rings’ metals.

• Pay Attention

Listen to what your soon-to-be-fiancé is saying. Pay attention to what she says about other women’s rings. This is easy if you have friends at the same point who are also getting engaged and married. By simply listening to her comments, you’ll almost certainly get a clear picture of the ring she loves.

• Give Yourself at Least Five Weeks

Once ordered, your ring can take up to five weeks to arrive—potentially longer if it’s custom-made. If you wish to engrave something in the ring, request for an inscription when placing your order.

• Shop Safe

Start your jeweller search with recommendations from family and friends, or at least check for industry affiliations. Most large and renowned companies in Singapore are reliable and offer good deals, but do not forget to check the return policies. You want to make sure that she can replace the ring, or at least the stone, if it’s not up to her liking.

Just like your (future) wedding, a proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you would not want to screw up on this. Be thoughtful and smart with your decision, and you’ll be able to avoid these common mistakes that can throw cold water on your wedding proposal.

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