Boosting Up Happy Hormones

Life is not perfect, and each of us get knocked down sometimes. However, there are many ways you can do to uplift your spirit. Here are some techniques on how to boost up your happy hormones and feel elated again.

Move Your Body


Put on those running shoes and play your exercise music playlist while as you do a 20-minute jog. Sweating the worry out of your system can give you instant boost of happy hormones. Exercise helps release endorphins that help boost your mood and increase your self-esteem level.

Watch Comedy Flicks

It has always been said that laughter is the best medicine – and that’s with good reason. By laughing, the body also releases endorphins to the blood stream, which boosts up a person’s mood. Furthermore, researches show that frequent laughing doesn’t only enhance the mood; it also burns calories and helps decrease the possibilities of acquiring any heart ailment.

Eat Sweets

After a very stressful day of work, a bar of chocolate will help you relax and recover. Researchers discovered that dark chocolate helps decrease stress-causing hormones. Any form of chocolate, such as cakes or candy bars can greatly help in giving you a lift of spirit.

Make Others Happy

Being truly happy can be achieved by doing something good for others. Give yourself a purpose and be an instrument in boosting other people’s happiness. Do charity works or make a friend happy by giving thoughtful gifts or by just simply being there whenever they need you.

Cuddle Your Sweetheart

Cuddling excretes oxytocin to the body that helps increase overall well-being and happiness. So, if you feel a little too stressed out, have some cuddle moments with your baby, pet dog or cat, or with your significant other to give your body and mind the break it deserves.

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