Basic Services to expect from Locksmith Companies

With all the different locksmith companies emerging in Singapore, it’s pretty easy to get confused about the specific services provided by these local companies – and even more so with those that are found from specialized locksmith providers. But to help you clear your mind from this confusion, we’ve put together the basic services that you can expect your locksmith to give you.


1. Lock Installation and Maintenance
While it’s possible to install different types of door locks on your own, it still is not a good idea. A professional locksmith is the only person who knows how to fully secure your home and the only qualified person to install locks on your home. Getting a locksmith would also do you a favor since they can also advice you on what kind of locks are best to use for your home.

Do note, though, that hiring a properly accredited Singapore locksmith is important during this time, since a substandard job in these areas could compromise your home’s security. Also, successfully setting up your locks doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end of the job for your locksmith. Like other things, locks also need some maintenance and there would be times when you will not be able to do the lock maintenance on your own. So if you feel that one of your locks are not properly working, don’t hesitate to call your locksmith and ask for his assistance regarding the issue. Surely, your pro locksmith security in Singapore would be more than willing to help you.

2. Emergency Access
This is perhaps one of the reasons that people could think of as to why they might need the services of a professional locksmith Singapore – especially for those who often lock themselves out, either from their own home and car, most of the time.


Most locksmiths do have their own method of gaining access to your property. They would likely attempt to break in using man force before deciding to remove the door lock or damage your front door. Be careful with this kind of locksmiths though, since those who do this method are definitely going to charge you higher than usual for the replacement. If you happen to notice your locksmith doing any of those methods, ask them to stop and allow them to explain as to why they’re not testing out other methods to gain entry.

3. Key Cutting Services
Key cutting services is perhaps one the most common service that Singapore locksmiths could offer their clients. Make sure though, that you’ll have your keys cut and patterned from the original and not on the copies, since copies of a duplicate key are more likely to be unreliable and temperamental. Also, consider getting a patent for your locking system to prevent other people from obtaining a copy of your keys without your permission. But if ever someone already got a copy of your keys, your best option to prevent them from breaking in to your home would be to have your locks re-keyed or changed to render the copied keys useless.

4. Automotive Services
Just like your homes, your car also needs some special care especially when it comes to keeping them perfectly secured. A locksmith’s automotive services offer key cutting, as well as lock installation in some cars. You can ask for this service in situations such as having your key ring stolen from you, or if you think someone has duplicated your car keys without your permission. Just make sure that you hire an accredited and specialized locksmith to do this job for you.

Aside from that, many locksmiths can now also provided services that has something to vehicle alarm systems. Don’t hesitate to ask your automotive locksmith if they offer or do repairs and updates for such services since these systems often need to repaired or upgraded.

Other Services:
Cobbling Services – Though not offered by most locksmith companies in Singapore, there are still some locksmiths that offer cobbling services such as re-soling and re-heeling.
Engraving Services – Aside from key cutting services, some locksmiths also offer on-the-spit engraving services on small items that you can simply wait off.
Front-of-house Décor – A handful of locksmith has also ventured into providing front door decors such as creating door numbers, wheelie bin stickers and letterbox plates for aesthetic purposes.


With this list of services, you now know the kind of services to expect from your chosen locksmith. Just be sure though, to pick the locksmith who specializes in the kind of service that you need. Doing so will not just give you the best output possible but also make you feel more assured that the job will be done properly and skillfully.

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