Astonishing Facts about our Emotions  


Every day we experience a wide range of emotions from love to fear, anger, happiness, anxiousness and pride. Life is indeed complicated but if we understand our emotions, it can help us be more in tune with our feelings and the people around us. With this, we have to know some facts about our emotions.


Here are some surprising facts about our emotions:

  • Negative emotions are good for our well-being: This is kind of vague. How come negative emotions good for our well-being. We have to know that negative emotions like anger or fear is crucial for our mental health because it helps us evaluate our experiences at the end of the day. People who only experience positive emotions tend to become complacent and apathetic. Negative emotions will always be there and it is normal – we just need to balance it and not supress it.
  • Emotions are physical: When we are sad, we might not notice it but there is a numbness sensation. According to experts, there are body parts that are influenced by emotions. For example, the upper half of the body are greatly stimulated when we are in love and happy. On the other hand, the lower part of the body is numbed when we are depressed or sad.


  • Emotions are in fact, contagious: Emotions are contagious. We have proven this many times. Remember the time when our best friend was so low that we end up crying? Unconsciously, people mimic the emotional feelings of the people around them. Whether we are “infected” with other people’s smile or depression, we can’t help but to “catch” these emotions.
  • Emotions are written all over our face: When we are supressing a strong emotion, concealing is the best way. Our family or friends may not see through us but there will always something that can reveal our true feelings. We call this microexpression. Microexpression refers to a brief but involuntary expression of our emotions. This occur very fast that we miss it in real time but if we record it and have it analysed, we will realize that whatever we feel are written all over our face.
  • Colors can influence how we feel: We have to know that colors can stimulate emotions depending on the shade or tone of course. It can stimulate emotions because associate it from nature. For example, yellow speaks of being jubilant and joyous, blue for relaxation and red for anger.

Understanding our emotions is difficult but we can try to understand it slowly. If we understand our emotions, life will be easier here in Singapore. That is for sure.


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