7 More Fun Ways of Meditating  


One of the most difficult part of doing meditation is learning to sit still, breathe, relax and do nothing. When you look at it this way, meditation seems a bit boring, doesn’t it?

Meditation teaches us how to avoid distractions and enjoy the relaxation stillness gives us. It’s beneficial for our overall health but still, it’s hard for us to keep still and relax for even a couple of minutes.


Little do we know, there are other and more fun ways to do meditation that doesn’t involve simply sitting somewhere and preventing your mind from wandering. Here are some of the crowd favorite alternative techniques in doing meditation.


Take a walk.

Instead of squatting, take a walk somewhere that’s peaceful. Strolling still involves taking in all of your surroundings and being mindful of your situation. It’s simply put, meditation in motion. Science also claimed that a simple stroll in the woods or the park has beneficial effects for your mood and health. Being one with nature is a peaceful and eye-opening experience.


Listen to good music.

Doesn’t listening to a good song automatically makes every situation better? Music is a journey. Listening to great music and paying close attention to the lyrics helps us channel our thoughts. Listening to music is the equivalent of listening to your breath in traditional meditation.


Tidy your house.

Seems a bit strange, does it? Cleaning your house seems like a very physical task for someone who wants to meditate but Marie Kondo, author of the highly talked about book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever” claims that there is some joy in cleaning up clutter from your home. Cleaning gives up some much needed time to dedicate to ourselves alone.


Stretch it through yoga.

One of the most reliable physical activities that is directly linked to meditation, yoga is a tested and proven practice open to all. Yoga trains the body to be physically active while maintaining a relaxed and orderly train of thought. In yoga, focusing on one’s breathing is also encouraged by yoga instructions, something similar to traditional meditation.


If not yoga, do any type of exercise.

Cardio workouts and strength training exercises keeps the brain’s focus on the task at hand. Doing cardio and training when you’re distracted is simply impossible and a bit dangerous. Doing exercise keeps the body in a certain rhythm you have to maintain throughout the whole session. You’re less to stress about other stuff when you’re trying your hardest in doing exercise routines.



Yell, preferable not at a person, but into something like a pillow, on a cliff, or when you’re in the shower. Too much bottling of emotions isn’t good for you or the people around you. Sometimes you just need to vent everything out before you explode.


Go in the shower.

Similar to cleaning one’s house, the task of taking a shower seems so mundane and mindless and therefore, frees your mind from thinking of more stressful things. Most of us have the experience of finding great solutions to our problems when we’re in the shower and this is because the task boost our focus and concentration.


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