5 Things You Realize After Moving Out of Your Parents’ House

Moving out of your parents’ house for the very first time is a really big deal. You can finally make your own rules and there’ll be no one to keep on telling you to clean up your room. Still, moving out of your parents’ nest is a steep learning curve where you get to discover and realize a lot of things. Among those realizations are:


  1. Doing Laundry Isn’t Easy. You probably wouldn’t notice it on the first few days, but when you’re down to your last clothes, that’s the time when you realize you actually have to do your own laundry now. Then, you’ll eventually learn that white pieces can turn into an ugly colour when you wash them together with coloured clothes.

Also, you’ll discover that leaving clothes in the dryer for several days will wrinkle your clothes in a really ugly way. To top it off, you’ll have to buy everything just to get your laundry done; everything from the detergent to the fabric softener and the softener sheets.

  1. Cleaning Can be Exhausting. Thought you’re finally free from having to clean your room? Ha ha! Not really, not unless you want to live like a caveman. Worse, now, you’ll have to clean the whole apartment. It’s when you’ve spend hours cleaning your place that you’ll realize that tidying up your bedroom was a piece of cake. You’ll probably also see that mom was Wonder Woman for being able to clean your house in a matter of minutes.
  1. Saving Money is Hard as Hell. If you’re just like me, then saving money has never been your strongest suit. Between eating out, going out and buying groceries, money gets out of your hand quick. In fact, you might even find yourself computing the hours of work it’d take just to buy that one shirt that you want.


  1. Cooking Isn’t Easy-Peasy Either. Unless you have innate cooking skills, you’ll likely end up eating instant noodles, take outs, frozen dinners or whatever you find in your pantry. Sure, cooking a real meal is fun to do every now and then, but nothing will still compare to the home cooked meals your mom makes.
  1. Being Sick is Actual Hell. When all that you can do is lie down your bed, who will be there to make you drink your medicine? Who will make you a soup? Who will comfort you? Who will call the doctor when things turn from bad to worse? You guessed that right. There will be nobody but yourself.

Moving out of your parent’s house can be really exciting since, finally, you’ll be independent. But this is also a time to learn a lot of things without the safety net of your parents—from learning to wash your own clothes to cooking your own meals, to budgeting your finances. Sure, living on your own gives you freedom, but remember that along that freedom also comes greater responsibilities that you should and need to shoulder.

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