5 Fashion Tips for Slim Guys


Commonly, people think that it’s easy to dress up when you’re a man with slimmer built. However, it’s quite the opposite. It takes real effort not to look too thin under in every garment. Like women, it’s also important to identify the best body feature and the areas of the body that can be enhanced.


For all the guys who lean towards slim and skinny built, here are some fashion tips that will fit— and flatter— your body.

  1. White Is Your Best Friend

White is the colour to go for if you want to look fuller. And only slim guys are lucky enough to wear this colour from head to foot. White enhances your natural physique and makes you look big and broad. As much as possible, avoid dark coloured garments.

  1. Stay Away From vertical Prints and Details

Get rid of anything with vertical stripes in your wardrobe. It only makes you look thinner. Keep in mind that vertical stripes only look good for shorter and heavier men. Avoid pinstriped shirts and trousers; instead, opt for wide, horizontal stripes.

  1. Layer Up

Layering isn’t only applicable for women, but it’s a trendy fashion style for men as well. A layer of shirt and cardigan or blazer will give you an illusion of a more shapely physique. Wear a white statement V-neck shirt under a blazer, coat, jacket, or sweater. For a bit of glamour, wrap a cravat around your neck; this looks good on most thin men.


  1. Wear Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are the easiest way to improve your physique. They add definition to your shoulder shape and add extra bulk. However, keep in mind to only go for light or medium shoulder pads as heavy ones can make you look unnaturally big and bulky.

  1. Alter Your Pants

Skip the skinny jeans or the fitted type of pants as they only emphasize thin legs. On the other hand if you get comfort-fit jeans, it’ll look too lose on you. Look for a tailor and have your comfort-fit pants altered to fit you just right. The tailor should taper the pants around your calves a bit to get that perfect fit. Take note that the perfect fitting jeans for skinny guys must be snugly around the waist and thighs, but loose around the calves.

Looking great and manly isn’t about showing chest and muscles. Choosing the right clothing pieces is all it takes to look your best whether you’re someone with slim, medium, or large body built.


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